Temporary Work That is Often a Bridge to Full-time Employment

Metro Services is a client and community-focused Staffing company driven to bring success to both applicants and employers. We do this by meeting the applicants' needs while improving productivity for businesses through our ability to thoroughly match candidates to roles that best suit their abilities, interests, and qualifications. Metro offers both full-time positions and temporary work that is often a bridge to full-time employment with our client companies. The fact that many of our temporary positions lead to a permanent role within a company is a testimony to our ability to accurately match people to jobs.

“How do we create the perfect match? By understanding your skills, needs, and interests. This is the key to our Job Placement Process."

A Higher Success Rate for Both Employer and Employee

No matter the job seeker’s needs, whether in the market for a local job or a travel position in another state (3PL), our staff works diligently to create the perfect match. We focus on each individual’s needs, skills, and interests through an extensive interviewing process and emphasize the opportunities available. Ultimately, our staff at Metro understand that matching candidates with the position that best suits their interest and expertise will result in a higher success rate for employers and employees.

Let us invest in you!

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