Crystal Bowman - Employee with Professionalism and Dedication

Crystal Bowman was highly praised by the union representative at Kirchhoff-Tecumseh MI for her professionalism and dedication in the workplace. Read about how she is changing her life while working with Metro Services.

Crystal Bowman Testimonial (Kirchhoff-Tecumseh, MI)

Hi, my name is Crystal, you can say I’m a team lead for the Metro family. Before coming here, I wasn’t on the best path, but since being here I have found an inner power I once never had. Metro believes in me and helped me find that inner power. I have made great friends and family here. I’ve become more mature, responsible, and capable of reaching goals I never thought I’d be able to reach, but Metro has helped me grow into someone I’ve only ever hoped to be one day, and thanks to Metro and Metro staff, I no longer hope for it, but I am that great person now. Some things I thought I would never have, all thanks to the Metro family I now have today. Working for Metro has been such an amazing experience. The staff are so kind, respectful, and truly care about people. Since working for them, I now have a great vehicle and a new home for my family. I gained true friendships and have learned that just because we’re dealt a bad hand in life doesn’t mean we have to keep playing those cards, because Metro dealt me a whole new hand and have given me a second chance in life. We always have to believe in ourselves, and Metro has made it so much easier for me to truly believe I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Metro is not only my employer, but they are a second family to me that I will appreciate for the rest of my life because they have shown me that the sky is not the limit, but that I can reach even higher for stars.

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