Alysia Bowman - Positive workplace attitude

Alysia Bowman was highly praised by the union representative at Kirchhoff-Tecumseh MI for for her politeness, respectfulness, and attentiveness in making sure that the plant is clean as well as reporting issues that may arise on the job site. She says working for Metro Servies is changing her life.

Alysia Bowman Testimonial (Kirchhoff-Tecumseh, MI)

Hi, my name is Alysia Bowman and Metro Industrial Services has been a complete life changer for me. Every time I’ve always looked at a job as just another day of trying to get by in life, but Metro has truly changed my view in life completely. The staff is so amazing, and they encourage me and truly make me feel appreciated for all my hard work. No longer do I look at work as just another day, but now that I’ve been working for Metro, I truly look forward to going to work and enjoy my job. Before my life was going down not the best path, even with my family trying to help and encourage me, I kept choosing the wrong direction. I was not only a disappointment to friends and family, but a disappointment to myself and ashamed of the way I was struggling in life. No longer do I feel that way, since Metro took me in, I am proud of the person I am becoming and no longer feel like a disappointment. Metro took me in and really helped me to change my thought process and helped me change my life around. Before I had no vehicle, and I was staying at a place that was not a place I would ever want to call home. Now working for Metro, I have a really nice car and a really nice comfy home. If not for Metro, I still believe I would not have accomplished any of this. Metro has become my second family and there are no words that could explain how much I appreciate Metro for giving me this second chance at life. No matter what we go through in life, we ourselves have what it takes to change things, but having Metro has giving me the extra support not only physically but mentally to help me become a better person and Metro has helped me tremendously!

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