Metro Services Recognizes Two Exemplary Employees

At Metro Services, we give well-deserved credit to our outstanding employees, and we are excited to share their stories.

It’s part of our company culture, which places great emphasis on creating a family culture, getting to know you, and celebrating your milestones.

This month, we would like to recognize two exceptional employees, Jaron Moore and Jeremy Harvey, who both work for Metro Industrial Services in Michigan. They are often complimented by other employees as well as their floor supervisors. When you see their work firsthand, it's obvious there isn't much they can't do!

They have had no call-outs, and their attendance has been perfect with no tardiness. Jaron and Jeremy have excellent attitudes each day, and neither complains or makes negative comments about the company or their colleagues. They work well with others on a team, are always productive, and carry themselves with professional demeanors. They also both exhibit an admirable work ethic and continue to progress towards perfect production. It is easy to say that Jaron and Jeremy are fantastic examples of quality employees.

We wish you the best in your careers, and we are happy to have you on Team Metro! Keep raising the bar fellas! God bless you both!

These two employees do a great job of representing our 3PL Department. If you are an employer and are interested in our crisis mitigation employment solutions, please call our Regional Manager, Sandy Johnston, at 828-669-7717.

If you are looking for a traveling industrial position, Metro Services has many opportunities available. For more information, please call us at 1-800-715-5627.