Helping You Create a Healthy Balance

Here at Metro, we value you and your time, and we want you to be at your best. That's why our work culture embodies five principles to ensure you can strike a healthy work/life balance.

Getting to Know You

Getting to know you personally is a top priority for our company. We want to find out what kinds of things you enjoy and ultimately create a sense of trust so you feel you can talk to us when in need.

Creating a Family Culture

We emphasize family culture by ensuring you can meet your family’s personal needs and by regularly checking in on you. We also enjoy inviting your family to different company events.

Celebrating Your Milestones

Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or birth in your family, we believe milestones warrant recognition and celebration. Another way we recognize our employees is through our monthly Employee Spotlight, which gives well-deserved credit to our outstanding employees.

Offering You a Non-Traditional Work Schedule

We want our employees to thrive, and we feel flexible work hours can contribute to this. We offer non-traditional work schedules by occasionally allowing remote work and offering shifts that best fit your schedule.

Ensuring You Take Work Breaks

We make sure our employees take their mandatory work breaks. Not only are we legally responsible for ensuring these breaks, but we also understand how vital they are to clearing your head, giving you a fresh outlook on your work, and boosting productivity.