Adam Shelton

It is with great honor and respect that Metro Services congratulates Adam Shelton as Metro's March 2021 Employee of the Month! Adam is one of Metro's Business Development Managers who continues to exude his enthusiasm and love for our organization every day of the week!

Adam keeps a positive attitude and remains excited about what he does and motivated to do a great job. It is not abnormal for the Metro staff to see or hear Adam coming through the office to greet his co-workers. His mood is always uplifting and is very valuable to the company and appreciated among his peers.

Adam has continued to improve and reach new heights since he first joined the team in May of 2018. He has a noticeable zeal and determination that propels himself forward. We have ourselves a comrade, self-motivated & self-managed, brilliantly overcoming obstacles that one easily faces in business development. No doubt, Adam's character and energy stand out. His kindness and compassion set him apart. And his loyalty and hard work have paid off in meeting and achieving new personal goals!

Thank you, Adam Shelton, for being who you are! You are leaving an indelible mark in the workplace and the community you are serving.

Keep up the good work-Employee of the Month!