How to Find a Job You Lov

Many people often ask, "How do you find a job you love?" This is a great question because no one wants to jump into a random job, end up hating it, and wasting time, only to go through the same job-hunting process again.

If you could start right away doing something you love, why not do that? In this article, we aim to address this common question to the best of our ability and provide professional tips and insight to help you get closer to finding the job you will love, enjoy, and ultimately thrive in!

First, it is important to self-assess and ask yourself the questions, "What am I good at?” or “What am I passionate about?" These questions are vital to your journey in finding a career that you love and should be answered before moving forward. Consider the things you love and enjoy, like your hobbies, interests, and activities you would do even if you were not being paid to do them. Once you have answered these questions, have a good idea of what you love, and you have identified those things you are good at, you are getting closer!

Next, we should establish some career goals. For example, are you interested in growing with a company, or do you want to stay in the same spot doing the same task indefinitely? Likewise, you might ask, "Where do I see myself in one year, five years, or even ten years?" We should visualize your work environment, one in which you would thrive and be happy. We must be realistic, but there is nothing wrong with having expectations. By doing this, you should now have some career goals, and an ideal work environment visualized, along with a vision of tasks you could see yourself doing. You are almost there!

Now that you have a well-rounded idea of what you love, what you are good at, and what you could see yourself doing, next is to consider the work environment in which you will grow and be healthy. This type of environment should be one that meets your career goals, allowing you to grow and be promoted. Our goal is to help you find something as close as possible to your vision. This is where research occurs. From here, we begin exploring different industries that would likely fulfill your desires and learn about the job opportunities and career paths within those industries.

Lastly, it is time to network and apply! Before jumping into a new job, it is beneficial to connect with professionals in your desired field. You can attend industry events, reach out to mentors, and even watch and study YouTube videos related to your desires. Once you have found a company or companies of interest, connect, call, learn where to apply, and reach out!

Another tip: when you are interviewing for a position, this is a great opportunity to tell them about the steps you took above. This includes the self-assessing and research you performed. The interviewer will be impressed!

If you are looking for a career and enjoy light industrial and manufacturing work, then you should give us a call, or visit one of our local agencies so we can help you find a job you love! We can place you somewhere that meets your newly determined career goals, skills, and workplace expectations! You've got this, and Metro Services is here to assist!

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