Metro Services Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies, sometimes referred to as employment agencies, actively recruit candidates for specific jobs.

For example, Metro Services recruits for a host of jobs primarily in the light industrial and manufacturing setting. Our staffing agency partners with various enterprises that need workers but do not have the time, resources, or desire to onboard new employees directly. In large part, we provide relief to companies looking to hire by doing the recruiting, interviewing, screening, and paperwork. By the same token, staffing agencies can make it easier for job seekers because they are consulting directly with an organization dedicated to helping them in the process of acquiring a new job and offering information to them about the company they are applying to. Employment agencies like Metro allow for a smooth transition for new workers into the workplace.

Metro Services is a professional in the field of staffing; however, we consider ourselves to be a “workforce management company” because that is what we do—manage a workforce. We do not simply “staff” or provide workers, but we try our best to make our workers feel a part of something bigger. Throughout an employee’s time with Metro, our staff will often check in periodically to make sure they are doing well and that they are having a good experience. From the start of the job-hunting journey, we give our time to job seekers, as well as encourage, support, and protect them throughout their journey into a new workplace. Our goal is to offer our workers a healthy, easy, and memorable experience from beginning to end.

We strive to make you feel like a team and aim to be the best in customer service. We are more than a staffing agency. We are a mighty workforce. We are Metro Services.

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