Labor Day 2023

Ever wonder what a day without laborers might look like? 

Imagine, you had a good night's rest and you have finished your daily routine getting ready for the workday. You head out the door to the bus stop and find yourself waiting… and waiting… and waiting. Something is not right; the bus has missed the normal pick-up time. You walk a few blocks to where the bus depot is. To your surprise, all the buses are parked, and no one is in sight to operate them. You don’t have time to look around and ask what is going on, so you decide you’ll go back home and get your car. Once you hop in your vehicle and take off, you immediately realize you must stop for gas, or you are likely going to be on the side of the road. You become nervous, frequently looking at the clock.

You stop at the gas station, spending only a few bucks on gas, and realize you are getting closer to the start of your shift. You insert your card, and the pump declines the sale. So, you hastily walk to the door to self-pay, but the door is locked. No one at the station to assist. No sign to even tell you why the gas station is closed or for what reason the pumps are not working. You are now in a panic and all you can do is hope you have enough gas to make it the rest of the way to work! You squeal tires leaving the gas station on fumes.

You whip into your parking spot at work. Shutting off the engine you race towards the entrance of the plant. Your access card, thank heavens, permits you to enter only to find the plant is empty, the equipment is powered off, and the materials were not delivered. Your colleagues are not there, neither are any supervisors. What has happened?

We should take a moment to consider a world without laborers and what that looks like. No matter where you go or what you do, you are more than likely at the mercy of someone else doing their job to ensure your satisfaction. Almost everything you touch, groceries, gas pumps, television remotes—you name it—requires a laborer to have done their part to make the whole system work. In addition, waking up to a world without people, colleagues, and friends to interact with would be a sad day. Count me out! Not only do you do your job, but you also play a role in the culture and atmosphere of the workplace around you. It’s important to be friendly, encouraging, supportive, and helpful when doing your job or interacting with others doing theirs. or we could be negative, rude, argumentative, dramatic, or somewhere in between. Nevertheless, we need each other.

This Labor Day, Metro Services wants to say, “thank you” to all our laborers working locally and remotely! We are a staffing agency that takes pride in our workers, and we want you to know that what you do matters, and without you...well, the world would not seem to turn quite as it should. You play a vital role in people’s lives through your job, the work you perform, and the personality you carry. Never forget it. Happy Labor Day!

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