Learn more about these four fun ways to show the love this Valentine's Day at work

This Valentine's Day, consider showering your valued employees with extra gifts or incentives that show how much you care. Check out these four ways to show the love this Valentine's day at work.

Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas for the Workplace

Feed the Workforce

Employees love it when they don't have to worry about grabbing breakfast or packing a lunch. Show them how much you care by setting up a meal for them to enjoy. This fare could be served as breakfast or lunch for typical work schedules but could be a dinner option for swing or night shifts. For the latter, choose a restaurant that provides alternatives for those employees who are vegan or vegetarian, on a special diet, or allergic to certain types of foods.

If a meal is not an option, consider treating your employees to a drink from your local coffee shop. You can easily schedule a delivery or pick-up order. For those employees who are not familiar with the venue, have a drink menu on hand to explore their options. Non-coffee drinkers are sure to be thrilled with teas, frappes, or food items from the bakery.

Decorate their Space

Surprise your employees by decorating for Valentine's Day the night before. If you're in an office setting, get festive in the lobby and hallways and on the doors. If your workers are in an industrial environment, consider decorating their hardhats, equipment, or breakroom instead. Decorating goes a long way, is relatively easy to do, and will be greatly appreciated!

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Create an Appreciation Wall

Everyone likes to be appreciated, but sometimes employees may feel awkward about receiving direct personal compliments. Creating an appreciation wall is a non-invasive way to show your employees how much they are valued.

Leave a pen handy and encourage employees to leave notes of appreciation for their co-workers. Start the wall by posting a note of your own for each employee and include your name on the message. Not only will the individual employee see it, but others will also see what you appreciate about that employee.

Pass Out Gift Cards

While this may seem like an effortless way to show your appreciation this Valentine's Day, the secret to picking the perfect gift card lies in personalizing each card. Workers will feel more valued if you give them a gift card that best aligns with their likes and interests.

While some employees like to stay private with a clear work/life boundary, this is a perfect opportunity to get to know your employees a little better. If you are stumped, ask for help from other co-workers on what the employee may like.

No matter what gift card you choose, make sure that each card is for the same amount so that you don't play favorites. Then, customize the gift by including a personal message on each card.


At the core of our company culture is a desire to help businesses and communities thrive in the workforce. We also believe in showing our employees how much we value them. Spread the love and don't miss out this year on showering your employees with appreciation for their dedication to your business!