Work/Life Balance

The daily grind can be stressful for many of us. Oftentimes, employees take work home with them, whether with access to a cell phone or laptop. Finding a balance between work and personal life can be a challenge, especially when your employer expects you to be available 24/7.

For those currently looking for work, it is crucial to find a company that understands the value of a work/life balance. If you’re stressed out at your current job or want to make sure that your next employer values your personal time, here are 5 things to look for in an employer who supports work/life balance.

Creates a Family Culture

Whether you are single, married, have kids, or take care of your parents, everyone has a family or close friends that they care about. Your employer should care about you and your family. Finding an employer that supports taking off work to attend that school musical performance or caring for a sick relative is important. An employer should value your family and how work interacts with your personal home life.

The same is true for the culture of family within the workplace. Your fellow coworkers are people that you spend a lot of time with! It is vital that your employer creates a work environment that cares and supports others at work. Look for team-building events like potlucks and outings or even a weekly check-in meeting to see how everyone is doing.

Knows You Personally

While you may not want to overshare with your employer or create too many TMI moments, you should feel comfortable enough with them to open up a little bit. An employer should be able to list a few things about you, like your hobbies, if you’re an introvert or extrovert, and what you usually like to do on the weekends. Not only does this create trust between you and your boss, but it also allows your employer to connect with you on a personal level.

Employers who offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) understand that life is messy, and sometimes you need a little extra help. These employers work with you instead of against you in fighting some of life’s toughest challenges.

Celebrates Your Milestones

Most everyone appreciates being recognized or celebrated when it comes to birthdays and anniversaries. An employer who values work/life balance understands that a little bit of effort goes a long way in terms of employee celebrations. Look for a company that honors employees with birthday gifts, anniversary milestones, and new additions to the family. Being remembered is a huge asset to employees and creating a healthy work/life balance.

Offers Non-Traditional Work Schedules

After the rise of the pandemic and everyone working from home, it is important that your employer offers these options to employees no matter where you live. While not every job can be performed at home, there are other non-traditional ways to explore.

Ask your employer if they would offer a flex work option where you may come into the office a few days a week and work from home the other days, or possibly work a different shift that better fits your personal life.

Reminds You to Take a Break

While employers are required by law to give 15-minute breaks and lunch breaks throughout the day, many look the other way if you work through a break to finish a project. Those employers who support a work/life balance will often remind you and encourage you to step away from work for these mandatory breaks. Not only is it better for you personally, but taking a break can also boost your productivity and clear your mind.



Whether you are a company looking for more employees, or a job seeker wanting to find the perfect fit, Metro Industrial Services can help. As an employer ourselves, we know a thing or two about how important it is to balance work and life with our valued team members.

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