Metro Services - Leading the Market in Third-party Logistics

“Your crisis mitigation solution”

A solution-based company, Metro Services takes pride in providing high-quality 3PL services, customized to meet the needs of any client, regardless of location or demand in a quick and timely manner. And while 3PL staffing has always been one of Metro’s key business strategies, the company’s demand for skilled and unskilled laborers in other fields of employment has skyrocketed on a national level. Because of their unique ability to strategically move people across the US to quickly answer the hiring needs of their clients, their Automotive 3PL division has risen to over 80% of their annual income.

In 2020, Metro Regional Manager Sandy Johnston says the company joyfully affected the lives of over 16,000 individuals with quality jobs during the pandemic shutdown and enhanced the culture of multiple companies, while assisting each company in reaching their quarterly and annual goals through customized partnership plans.

Recently, Metro Services was moved to the top of the Preferred Vendor List for the largest Automakers and their US business partners. With their cutting-edge and organic approach to providing a solution that is quick and efficient, they continue to move the scale on staffing ability. Johnston says the company’s “What can we do?” philosophy is in large part the driving factor to its current success, and the efficiency of the company’s third-party logistics is no exception. In fact, in some cases, new clients with urgent requests, have been able to receive employees in their workplace within a 48-hour period.

“With cutting-edge paperless onboarding, vigorous online and “boots-on-the-ground” recruiting, Metro 3PL hires nationwide, incentivizes, and brings quality talent to rush in a quick solution to the urgent need of our clients,” said Johnston.

“The reopening of the economy led to a huge expansion in 3PL services due to crisis mitigation,” Johnston continued. “Staffing is minimal right now—not because there are not enough jobs, but because there are not enough workers. We had one client who needed 60 employees and did not have enough applicants, locally. We responded quickly and provided 30+ from other parts of the US the following Monday, allowing the client time to train and prepare for the next group the following week.”

“Metro’s Third-party logistical services are making a huge impact right now and, in many cases, preventing businesses from losing their clients and contracts due to a lack of workforce. It opens the door to not only meet their projected quota but increase their business and rise above the competition” added Johnston.

All 3PL employees are eligible for health benefits from day one, are often offered full-time opportunities following the 90-day temp-to-hire period, and many travel positions offer life-changing opportunities.

“We encourage employees to learn the new area in which they are working and put down roots. Most employees commit to a 90-day crisis mitigation period but have often seen their projects extended to 6 months and beyond. We are there to help our clients get back on track and will stay for the duration”, Johnston said. “And right now, because we have many applicants who are interested in our relocation opportunities we are starting to build a pool of viable general Labor employees who can be ready to move on a quick basis. The response we’ve seen is absolutely amazing.”

“We want businesses and industries to know Metro Services' unique capabilities are available for any company in any field of employment. Please allow us the opportunity to use our expertise to assist with your 2021 goals, get you back on track, and show our integrity, passion, and client partnership.”

Would you like to learn more about 3PL services?

If you are interested in Metro providing further details, creating a customized solution and price quote for your organization, please call (855) 715.5627 and ask for Sandy Johnston or send her an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..