How Metro was able to deliver big results for clients during a pandemic.

At Metro Services, employees strive to effect positive change while creating opportunities to grow, personally and professionally at every level, in every marketplace. So, when nationwide shutdowns prompted by the emerging C19 pandemic threatened the success of thousands of businesses internationally, Metro Services acted quickly to find innovative methods to create new business opportunities.

Before C19, the professional landscape at Metro Services was in full bloom, growing rapidly with a strong employment field, before being impacted by an increasingly unstable economy during the height of the pandemic. As many clients went silent and employees were laid off, Metro Services began widening its vision of sustainability and success by transcending into the domain of retail services, implementing organic solutions, having effective communication, and using cutting-edge recruitment tools.

By finding contingent laborers looking for work from shut-down hospitality pockets across the US and moving them to new locations without quality workers, Metro created a solution to the market’s turbulent new demand.

At Metro Services, challenges are faced with a “yes we can” attitude reinforced with innovative modern working styles, technologies, and practices. This philosophy is what enabled Metro to remain strong during the pandemic, finding stability by increasing essential positions and employment demand in the food, automotive, distribution, and supply chain areas.

With the rise of C19, state mandates tightened, eliminating the interpersonal business meetings, one-on-one interaction with customers and clients, and interviews Metro Services is known for. This posed possibly the largest challenge to the company in addition to the closing of libraries, workforce centers, and job fairs. New ways to recruit new talent became essential. With recruiting efforts done exclusively online and serving as a vital key component to the company’s success during the rise of the pandemic, Metro allocated a large portion of its traditional marketing budget to purely digital marketing. Investments were made in online job boards such as Indeed, and ZipRecruiter, as well as social media outlets like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Adopting new methods of interpersonal exchange, the company quickly migrated toward the use of online platforms and became creative in meeting and interviewing candidates remotely. For this purpose, Metro not only expanded their Call Center but also increased the use of Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Facetime, and Zoom, etc. to interview candidates directly at their houses. Implementing these strategies allowed Metro to bring individuals in the market faster than ever--ready to secure strong, long-term job positions.

Contingent workers were also offered health instructions and health insurance benefit options. PPE was available for purchase by clients and supplied to employees before beginning work for a reduction in attrition and meeting both state mandates and client-specific requirements. A Christian-based company, Metro felt a strong desire to not only aid its clients and customers but also its local communities. Throughout 2020, Metro Services increased its storehouse to offer clients, employees, churches, and other entities the much-needed and often hard-to-obtain supplies and C19 PPE necessary.

Moving forward, Metro Services continues to offer an organic approach to workforce management and customized packages that fit the specific needs of clients intending to hit their desired growth and company change. Along with recruiting strategies, a new focus has been placed on the integrity of the company, as key members of staff continue to find ways to interact with contingent laborers and provide instructions and directives to aid with career advancement, taking time to learn, train, instruct, assist, and create life-changing opportunities.