Staffing and Temp agency in the Columbia, TN area.

We recruit candidates to fill jobs for the Automotive, Nutritional, Paper, Distilling, Sanitation, Recycling, and Die-Casting sectors.

1025 Nashville Hwy
Columbia, TN 38401

Call: (931) 548-2597

Hours of operations:
Monday to Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Area of service:
Columbia, TN
Spring Hill, TN
Pulaski, TN
Mt Pleasant, TN

Order Pullers

3PL - Third-party Logistics
Employers Services
OSHA Training
Client Specific Training
Direct Hire
Drug Screens
Face to Face interviews with every candidate

Jobs in Columbia, TN

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At our Columbia, TN location we offer Staffing services for the Automotive, Nutritional, Paper, Distilling, Sanitation, Recycling, and Die-Casting industries. Specifically, we fill Assembly, Production, Forklift, Order Puller, Manufacturing, and Smeltering jobs.

Through face-to-face interviews we work diligently to ensure accurate job placement and we are firm believers in second chances. We conduct on-the-spot hiring and can often times give a jobseeker an actual start date before the end of an appointment. We also welcome walk-ins and offer on-site background checks and drug screening to facilitate the hiring process.

Our selection of hands-on services outnumbers that of any other employment agency. We also offer OSHA and client-specific training as well as career counseling to help ensure a successful experience. Another item at the top of our list is ensuring excellent customer service. Because of our desire to connect with employees and clients on a personal level, we are on a first-name basis with almost everyone who works with us.

At our location, we give back to the community in a less traditional way. When we visit local businesses we bring back some of their material to help promote their services. We work hand-in-hand with the probation and parole office and other government offices to help our job force grow while simultaneously giving people the ability to get off of government assistance.