Welcome to Metro Services’ 3PL (Third Party Logistics), better known as “travel jobs.” Here, you will learn what travel jobs are, where they take you, and how to apply. Check out the sections below, and join the Metro team today!  

What are travel jobs? 

On travel assignments, workers put their skills to the test in a new city, in a new place, and with new people. We offer light industrial, quality sort, and hospitality travel positions for those looking to move around.

Our travel jobs are also regularly making a positive impact on lives. Through this unique form of employment, Metro Services has created a specialized niche for our job seekers to maximize both their work and social experiences.

What ypes of jobs do we offer?

The travel jobs we offer will vary in type. But majority of our travel jobs are assembly, general labor, and manufacturing work. 

Where are our travel Jobs located?  

To put it simply—all around. We cannot specify where all our jobs are located because we do business nationally with clients whose jobs are scattered all over the U.S. Because our travel jobs are constantly changing based on our partners’ needs, our customer service representatives fill the currently available job spots on a weekly basis.

“I want to thank you because I don’t think you understand how big of an impact Metro Services has made in just the last year. In my area, alone, I have seen people go from having nothing to buying cars, having cash, and moving out of the ghetto into beautiful homes and apartments. I have seen numerous drug dealers leave the streets to change their life around and earn money the legal way. And it is ALL BECAUSE OF METRO! Thank you for blessing me and my friends with the opportunity to represent this company. I am forever indebted. You have saved my life and turned my life around all in a matter of months. METRO FOR THE WIN!”

Tyler H.

How to join the team

Acquiring a traveling job on the Metro Services team is straightforward. All you do is apply through our general application. You can do this by clicking here. Then, give us a call at 1-855-715-JOBS. Once we have your application, we will conduct an interview and discuss the available jobs and states to match you with the best possible opportunity.  

If you value travel, making great pay, meeting new people, and creating new memories, this may be the perfect fit for you.

Apply Now!