We Focus on the Candidate

Every job is unique and requires a different level and type of experience. We streamline our recruitment process and produce a constant flow of ideal candidates whose experience and skill sets align with the role you seek to fill. We focus on the candidate to determine compatibility with our clients so we can ensure their overall success.

Our recruiting software is primed to pinpoint a specific area, and our paperless software allows us to onboard candidates right where they are. We also conduct in-person interviews for every candidate to ensure an even more secure fit.

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Serving Clients with Staffing Services Since 2008

As your company grows, so do your staffing needs. We consider you our business partner, and we can expand our services to meet the demands that come with business growth.

Countless Client Benefits

Metro provides a complimentary on-site manager to businesses with over 50 employees.

Other benefits include:

  • Same-Day Insurance Package

  • Pre-Employment Background Check and Drug Screen

  • Employee Orientation and Testing, As Required By Client

  • OSHA-Approved Safety Training Before Placement

  • No 480-Hour Fee on Temp-to-Permanent Hires

  • 24/7 Customer Service Support