What is 3PQI?

3PQI stands for 3rd Party Quality Inspection.

3rd Party Sorting Company

We provide services such as:

  • Parts Presentation

  • Containment Process

  • Parts Identification

  • Tracking Services

  • Problem Solving

  • Improvement Activities

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Neutral Party

Metro Services provides unbiased and independent product quality assurance of manufactured parts without compromising the interests of the manufacturer or the end buyer. We work with the Quality Department and the Engineering Department to quarantine all necessary manufactured parts for our Quality Inspectors to conduct their inspections. Working in the various stages of production helps identify quality issues on time, which assists the buyer in building a better relationship with their supplier and saves the supplier money by helping avoid expensive manufacturing errors and having to hire an in-house Quality Control team.

Parts Presentation

Working with the Quality Department of the manufacturer ensures that we are identifying the exact concern(s) with respect to the part(s) in question. We then develop a PowerPoint presentation of our Work Instructions which identify the manufacturing concern with the part(s) and assist in relaying the concern to our team of Quality Inspectors. This presentation can be provided to the end buyer to further understand the process for identifying and/or reworking the parts in question and may also be updated as the inspection process changes, in the event the same product inspection process is expanded or contracted.

ISO Inspection Containment Process

The containment process is done under the manufacturer's guidance to ensure the containment area is safe, secure, well-lit, and separate from the manufacturer's Production area. While this is the ideal location, it is not always possible and acceptable to the customer. The containment area may be put on the floor of the manufacturer's Quality area, which is normally fenced in (enclosed) and secured, with very limited employee access. If this is not possible, we will work with the Quality Department to ensure the containment area is clearly identified and has restricted access. This will prevent contamination of the area, the parts that have already been inspected and deemed ready for shipping to the end buyer, and the parts that are being used to show the Quality Department that a concern is ongoing.

Parts Identification

Inspected parts are marked in a manner acceptable to the manufacturer and end buyer so they are easily identifiable. This mark may be made with a paint pen, sticker, or ultraviolet pen if the customer prefers. It further assists in building a relationship of confidence between the manufacturer and their buyer. Inspected products are placed in the appropriate shipping containers with clearly visible placards or stickers or other means of identifying the product is ready to be shipped and removed from the inspection area to make room for other products. This process allows the manufacturer to adhere to the just-in-time shipping standard that dominates our current market and ensures that inspected parts can be audited by the manufacturer, if necessary.

Tracking Services

All the parts inspected are tracked using industry-standard tracking documentation so the manufacturer is aware of the number of parts inspected, and any concerns identified can be easily traced during the manufacturing process.