Nationwide Recruitment at its Finest

Through a partnership with Metro Services, we will help your company step away from an oversaturated local pool of candidates and tap into a national network, bringing you an informed and ready-to-go workforce. That way, you can focus directly on meeting your production goals.

Third-Party Logistics Solutions

Metro 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) is your go-to crisis mitigation division which provides workforce management in almost every marketplace and field of employment in nearly every state in the nation. We vet manufacturing workers and couple them with travel capabilities to bring multiple solutions to your facility.

How It Works

  • Priority access to our vast pool of ready-to-launch employees

  • Quick supply of employees based on how quickly you can onboard and train

    • 1 to 50+ employees in approximately one week or less
    • 300+ employees in one month or less

  • Stabilization of your workflow and projected output goals

Partnering with Metro Services will bring about a positive culture change within your company. Your full-time employees will experience a reduction in overtime, and your supervisors will see an increase in production and your company goals maintained. Also, your Human Resources department will need to allocate fewer resources since one of our own trained on-site Supervisors will be managing Metro employees at your job site.

Cutting-Edge IT Recruitment

Partnering with Metro Services means our advanced recruitment division is working for you by recruiting in untapped marketplaces. Securing top talent is a recipe for your company’s success.

Smooth Onboarding Process

Through our user-friendly online application and electronic paperwork, we make hiring easy. Therefore, we spend more time interviewing and vetting candidates to determine if they are a great fit, capable, and an overall asset to your company and ours. 

Choosing the Right Candidate

All our employees must first pass an I-9 E-Verify and local and national background checks, ensuring they are legal and legitimate. But that’s not all. We take extra steps to interview the candidates properly and effectively. If we determine them to be a great fit, then we document multiple affirmations made by the employee to confirm they understand everything related to the job and their expected start date. We continue to correspond with these new hires prior to their start date to prepare them further, answer any questions they may have, and ensure they will be at your facility and prepared to produce results for you. Then, we confirm with you that they are accounted for.