Are you looking for qualified staff to help you reach your company goals? Metro Services is a leader in training and developing employees into a stronger, more dedicated workforce for you.

Efficient recruiting without boundaries

We utilize traditional on-ground recruiting methods such as local office visits and job fair participation. In addition, we also use a more streamlined online recruiting approach by using a wide range of platforms and tools to find a more diverse pool of candidates. Our 3PL department can even fill travel jobs.

Staffing Agency Locations



No matter where you are, Metro can help find the qualified staff you are looking for.

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  • We recruit, screen, skills test, and evaluate employees before they reach your worksite.

  • We offer 24/7 on-call personnel.

  • Qualifying clients are offered a dedicated Onsite Supervisor at no additional cost.

  • We offer background checks and drug screening.

  • All employees complete an I-9 and are E-Verified through DHS.