How do I apply?

Metro Services offers walk-ins where you can complete our application directly from our office. We also provide quick and easy-to-use online paperless onboarding where you can fill out your paperwork from the comfort of your own home. Go to, click on “Apply Now,” and select your position of interest to start the process.

How long does it take to apply?

Applying is quick and easy. Whether you come into the office to apply or you do it online, the entire process takes around 30 minutes. Also, on your mobile device or laptop, our application process has an auto-fill feature making the process quick and user-friendly.

How far back does Metro look on background checks?

In most cases, we look back seven years. However, the exact number of years depends on the employer, and any red flags could disqualify you from employment at a specific location.


Do you offer immediate job openings where I can start work the next day?

Metro Services is always looking for qualified applicants who can start immediately.

Do you have jobs that are felon-friendly?

This depends on the location of our office and our client’s requirements. Our job openings change daily as new clients are brought on board. In most areas, Metro Services does offer felon-friendly jobs. However, you should call your local office to confirm.

Does Metro Services offer part-time jobs?

We offer many different job types at each location. For specifics, call your local office to find out if, and/or which, part-time jobs are available.

Does Metro Services offer traveling jobs?

Our 3PL (Travel Jobs) division is growing rapidly, and we always strive to have positions to fill. These are often high-paying jobs across multiple states. However, we fill up quickly, so it is best to call our Call Center at 855-715-JOBS to ask about available positions. If we have open positions, we can help you apply and get started with us. If we do not have any positions open when you call, your information and callback number will be taken down for future reference. If you are looking exclusively for a travel job, it is best to call weekly to inquire about availability.

Does Metro Services have quality sort jobs?

Metro Services is excited to announce its new 3PQI (Third-Party Quality Inspection) division which offers traveling quality sort jobs. This division’s soft launch was in early March, and our hard launch will be on March 28, 2023. Please call us at 855-715-JOBS to inquire about our available quality sort positions!


Does Metro Services offer insurance?

Yes! We offer medical, dental, vision, term life, and short-term disability. You can elect from different coverage levels, ranging from individual coverage or employee + 1 to employee + family.

How am I paid if I do not have a bank account?

Metro Services offers a Netspend Paycard, where your paychecks are dropped onto the card and may be used at your discretion by simply swiping it at a store.

How often do I get paid?

Metro Services pays on a weekly basis.

Does Metro Services offer holiday pay?

Holiday Pay depends on the client. Metro goes by the policy and regulations of each client.

Does Metro Services help build resumes, or is a resume required?

Metro employees are happy to help assist with your resume. Typically, we do not require resumes for our positions. However, if the client needs a high level of experience for the job, a resume will likely be required. Presenting your skill set, work experience, and list of accomplishments will always work to your advantage when applying for a job.


Does Metro offer forklift training classes?

Yes. This class must be administered in Manchester, TN, at Metro’s headquarters, where you will be provided a forklift to practice on, an obstacle course, safety lessons, and a knowledge test at the end of the class.

Does Metro offer forklift certification?

Yes. The certification course must be completed with a passing grade.


Am I guaranteed full-time employment with the company I start with as a temporary employee?

This all depends on you. Your attitude, work ethic, discipline, and punctuality will play the biggest part in securing you a full-time position with the company you are working for. Unless told otherwise, our positions are predominantly temp-to-hire, so a probationary period of 90 days will be very important to the employer in helping gauge and measure your performance. Working hard, being on time, performing well, and having a good attitude will likely help you become a member of the team.

If I start working as a temporary employee, is it possible to be promoted or hired full-time before the end of my 90 days?

Yes. On many occasions, an outstanding employee has been hired within 90 days. If the company sees you as an asset to its workforce and you perform well, you may be hired more quickly.