Metro's COVID-19 Guidelines

Our employees at Metro Services went above and beyond in their roles to implement numerous precautions necessary to ensure workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also engaged in multiple strategies to create new business opportunities and gave “innovative” a whole new meaning.

While many businesses were threatened and employees were let go, Metro Services delved into a new realm of communication, recruitment tools, and workplace solutions and expanded the services they offered. People needed to work and were willing to move to do so. Companies needed quality workers and were ready to bring them to their location. Metro helped close that gap by creating essential positions and increasing the employment demand within many different sectors. In addition, our can-do attitude helped us find alternatives, such as digital marketing and remote interviews, to our routine in-person business meetings and face-to-face interaction with our clients and customers.

Metro Services followed state guidelines and continued its service to the community by increasing and extending its supply of proper PPE and supplies, which were scarce at the time, to its clients, employees, and local communities.

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COVID-19 Precautions


Metro Industrial Services is thankful for our loyal clients and employees during these unprecedented times. Despite the effects the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many businesses, we continue hiring and putting America back to work. All clients and employees should follow all CDC guidelines and any applicable federal, state, and local guidelines.

While Metro Industrial Services enforces its own set of COVID-19 guidelines within its main office and branches, we also make sure that all of our employees respect the individual guidelines specific to the companies for which we hire.