About Us

Introducing Metro's Full Source Solution

Thank you for visiting our website. Whether you are a company needing Supplies, Training, 3PL Sourcing, Staffing and OnBoarding Servicing; or seeking help finding employment, let us know how we can help. Because that is what we do… we are seeking ways to help make a difference. In our local communities where we do business, our staff lives there too… so do I. We visit some of the same grocery stores, gas stations and places of worship you might go. We are neighbors, and neighbors help each other. How may we help you?


Our company was started by and is currently staffed by the working class. We make things....HAPPEN. We put on our work clothes each day and help people find job opportunities and companies find employees, we train and grow skills in our workforce and develop leaders in our community. We still believe by having worked the job or very similar jobs we understand what a company needs in an employee and what an employee needs from a company.

Need a job? Uncertain about what kind of work you want to do. We can help… Ask about our Quick Start Training Classes for forklift and welding, or choose from a variety of job openings we have available. We have helped 1000's find employment opportunities.

Our vision is to be an exclusive resource to our customers for all of their needs. It might be employees, training, supplies, onboarding services, safety or job related nursing services….be assured we'll be there. How may we be of service?